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Hosted MintChip Debit/Credit Logs and 'transactionTime'

In the examples on the reference pages, the 'transactionTime' value is formatted like this:

"February 13, 2012, 9:15:13 PM"

In the actual data returned from the services, the value is formatted like this:

"12 April 2012, 21:50:00"

So I guess the second version is the correct one. ;)

Is this date format going to remain consistent?

Also, why isn't the time zone being returned here? I see that most of the time it will be GMT, except when it isn't. :)

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    Sorry for the delayed response and thank you for pointing out the issue in the reference documentation.

    The 'transactionTime' property of the transaction log entries is returned by the Hosted MintChip Service in the format "dd MMMM yyyy, H:mm:ss", for example "12 April 2012, 21:50:00". We are in the process of updating the reference documentation accordingly; you should see it posted soon. Please note that the future releases of the Hosted MintChip Service may change the format of the date and time representation.

    The current implementation of the service reports all date and time properties as UTC (GMT), without specifying the time zone. More generally, the team continues to deliberate as to the best way to handle time. We are always open to suggestions.

    MintChip Team

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