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iOS App Deployment

After my team has completed development of our iOS application what provisions are the RCM making to allow other people to use it?

Apple will not likely accept the application unless people can use it. To do this the public will need to receive a cloud based chip/certificate and be able to deposit money into it.

Will mint chip accounts and deposit services be open to the public?



  •   •   over 11 years ago

    At this point, the MintChip Challenge is a research and development project. We look forward to seeing the application(s) that your team and others come up with that could inform everyone on the evolution of currency.

    Of course, you retain ownership over the software that you develop during the course of the Challenge, and so it is yours to do with as you wish.

    Dylan C
    Business Support
    MintChip Team

  •   •   over 11 years ago

    Thanks Dylan

    I may include a simulation mode or other functionality to get into the app store...

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