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Use the hosted API to generate request messages?

Is it possible to use the hosted API to generate request messages?

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    The Hosted MintChip API does not provide the functionality available through the MintChip API for .NET, Java or JavaScript. In particular, it does not provide support for building the request message or parsing the MintChip messages. For this functionality, you would have to rely on the MintChip API for .NET, or JavaScript on Windows, or Java on Android and BlackBerry.

    Alternatively, you could write custom code to do this following the MintChip message definitions in the Developer guide (http://developer.mintchipchallenge.com/devguide/developing/common/mintchip-messages.html) and the sample PHP source code that can be found on the Downloads page (http://developer.mintchipchallenge.com/downloads.php).

    Dylan C
    Developer Support
    MintChip Team

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