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Windows 8 and GTSDUpi.dll

I'm wondering if anyone has successfully gotten their own code to access a local MintChip under Windows 8.

I'm running Windows 8 Release Preview, and Visual Studio Express 2012 RC. The exception I'm getting is:

Mint.MintChip.Contract.MintChipException: No MintChip found.
at Mint.MintChip.Api.ApduProcessor.OpenConnection()
at Mint.MintChip.Api.MintChipAccessor..ctor()
at Mint.MintChip.Api.MintChip.LoadMintChipInfo()
at Mint.MintChip.Api.MintChip..ctor()
at Mint.MintChip.Api.MintChipFactory.CreateMintChip()
at MintChip.MainPage.OnNavigatedTo(NavigationEventArgs e)

I can get the code to load the GTSDUpi.dll properly (this isn't a case of an unfound DLL), but it doesn't see the chip. Running the compiled Windows example does work, so I know that the DLL *can* function correctly under Windows 8.

I suppose this could be a problem of sandboxing with Metro apps, but I'd expect a different exception if the operating system is blocking me, or a linking error when trying to use a native DLL.

Anyone have any thoughts? The code is (as seen above) in OnNavigatedTo(), and boils down to

try {
var MintChip=MintChipFactory.Instance.CreateMintChip();
} catch (MintChipException ex) {


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