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Create Payment problem

I used Create Value api to made payment from "A" account to "B" account with amount 2$. The balance of "A" account was decreased 2$ but the balance of "B" account was unchanged.

Why did the balance of "B" account unchanged?(Also, the receipt log was no new transaction).

Please help me. What was the problem?


  •   •   over 11 years ago

    Account B has to take the Value message and call LoadValueMessage() (or equivalent, depending on which API you're using).

    The Value message, if you did not store it anywhere, can also be retrieved from A using GetLastDebit() or GetLastCreatedValueMessage(), if you want to retrieve the one you've already made. If you do not, and you create a new Value message on A, that previous one will be forever lost, and that $2 is in the digital gutter.

    The receipt log on B will show receipt once it processes the Value message from A; A's Debit log should show the message it created for B (regardless of whether B ever deposits the amount).

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    Here's a good diagram, showing the flow of requests and value:


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