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Send money to hosted MintChip?


I'm creating an application that would act as a payment processor between two users using hosted mintchips. I'm wondering if it is possible using the API to have user A send a value to user B without user B having to do anything to receive the payment?

Right now, from what I can understand, using code from the web demo application, the server can create a Value Message that user A will accept and money will be debited from his account. The server then receives the created Value Message and must process this. What if the payee id was user B and the server has no way to accept this Value Message since the server doesn't have the necessary certificate file to accept it?

It seems to me as it would be way easier if the current system would automatically debit the hosted mintchip from user B in that scenario when user A agrees to send money.


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    I was also wondering this too but don't think it's possible. My application delivers the value message to user B through a web service along with contact info, amount and other details so that they can submit it for credit....

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