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Anyone interested in open-source code?

Hey everyone,

Is anyone interested in some of our code? We have some MintChip-specific code that we're willing to open-source if there is interest.

More specifically, we have Python code for parsing a MintChip message (based on the PHP code). We also have a version of the MintChip Sample app for Android that uses a hosted MintChip instead of a local one.

We also have a version of the MintChip sample app written for the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha that uses C++ and Qt to connect to a hosted MintChip. The C++ code might be useful in other projects.

Let us know if you would like to see it, and we can throw it up on our Github account.


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    I'm interested in the Android code using hosted chips.

    We also wrote a Python script to parse mintchip value message and put it on github.
    You can find the source code for our app at https://github.com/Xecurity/EasyChip, including the backend server, a demo site and the app itself.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I will post the code as soon as I can. Thanks for posting yours.

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    Looking at my app, I wonder if there are any pieces that others can use and if there is any value in open-sourcing it.

    For now, I am holding off on doing so, though, if some one wants the code, they should feel free to drop me a line at mintxca@gmail.com.

    MintX is a windows form based app written in C#. The code has 3 broad categories
    1. The windows forms UI
    2. The parsing and sending of mails
    3. The creation of various types of mintchip messages

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