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Digital Receipts

At Spently are developing a digital receipt solution that enables e-commerce and brick & mortar retail outlets to provide their customers with enhanced digital receipts.

We also offer consumers the option to organize their receipts in a central location so they can use them however they need to.

I'm curious to see how digital receipts can compliment the MintChip and/or other payment processes.

Would like to hear your response either here, or at vincent@spently.com - Cheers


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    Great, thanks for the reply. I will talk to our team and see how we can approach this.

    In the mean time, if anyone is interested in partnering in this Challenge I'm open for a discussion on the topic.

    I think adding a supercharged digital receipt element to the equation could make things even more interesting.

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    If the Mint Chip works like a wallet, one shall not include a mechanism handling receipt. The reason is related to privacy and any linked receipt would open possibilities to undermine privacy. Governments of course would love it, but holders of such E-Wallets will disagree and not use it.


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    Any time you purchase something you receive a receipt as a proof-of-purchase. If you decide to discard or delete that receipt, that's your business.

    Many people NEED receipts for expense reimbursement, bookkeeeping, product warranty, etc.

    In regards to the government, the Canada Revenue Agency (or IRS) has laws on Keeping Records. The onus is on the individual or company to follow those laws regardless if a third-party application is organizing that data for them or not.

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    Since Mintchip is like cash and cash doesn't have a built-in receipt mechanism, any receipt functionality should be done at the application level.

    To head off any arguments about cash transactions having receipts try these:

    - drop a toonie in a Coke machine
    - give a loonie to your kids
    - drop a quarter between the seat cushions

    Merchants give receipts. Cash is just bit of metal or paper.

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    Right, but if I understand correctly, Mintchip is the "cash" and this Challenge is asking developers to create digital payment applications to use it.

    This is where I see the potential for receipt functionality. Sure, for some transactions a receipt may seem pointless, but for others it may be very important - so why not provide the option?

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    I just wanted to quick add in, that even though there may not be a "receipt" functionality currently exposed, according to the API there does appear to be a transaction log.


    Personally, I'd at the very least even like to see a friendly name be stored. How hard would it be to look at you're log and know that PayeeId 145234434243432 is the corner store?

    A full receipt mechanism (perhaps optional) would be great, and open up possibility even like accounting software where you can then take you're chip home, drop it in you're computer, and download all you're transactions.

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    These are great ideas. There's a number of very interesting possibilities here.

    I'd like to set up a chat with someone interested in developing the mobile wallet/payment side of things so we can explore how digital receipts may fit and the evolving ecosystem in general.

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    If Mintchip is going to replace cash, anonymity is key. I don't want to enter my name on my chip so it'll show up in somebody else's log, particularly on a merchant's log.

    I'd rather see the merchant's Mintchip ID on a receipt.

    If you start integrating payment tracking and receipts, you're just creating another credit/debit card system.

    I think there's an opportunity here for 3rd party receipt companies to offer APIs for application developers. Perhaps a common digital recipe API so Mintchip users can select their own receipt processor.

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    - Consumers want receipts but also want a certain level of privacy and anonymity. Some merchants will inevitably exploit consumer contact information, some may also want to provide targeted offers buyers are interested in. I'm working on a solution that addresses all of these concerns from both buyer & seller POVs.

    - There's already a transaction log, but it's also important to distinguish between a transaction log and a receipt because they contain different data. Anyways, just some thoughts...

    Would like to chat about how that API integration you suggested could play out.

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    In todays implementations of cash chips one has a limited log of transactions listing the amount deducted or added only.
    Date; Amount
    2012.03.27; +50.00
    2012.03.29; -1.25

    This allows the owner to remember but not more.
    The most I could think of is the introduction of some chip identity of the sender and receiver chip in the log. But this is questionable because it violates privacy already.

    Receipts must be handled through a second channel.
    The bus-ticket for tax-deduction or the receipt of the new TV set for proof of warranty in case of repair etc.

    For internet trading, APIs typically offer receipts as PDF download or Email attachment without any reference to a particular transaction ID on the currency chip since the payment must be anonymous.

    If a transaction must be traceable, one can use credit-, debit- cards or direct money transfers from a bank account.

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