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Custom microSD Card?

Is the MintChip SD card a custom card with extra hardware on it to support this, or just custom content files? Swapping out the microSD card on my phone and at least a few others requires a reboot, which would be kind of a pain...

if the cards are custom, will large enough capacity cards be made available at "reasonable prices"?


  • Manager   •   almost 12 years ago

    Hi David,

    Thanks for writing. If you have questions about the MintChip developer resources, microSD chips, remote MintChip accounts, or other developer resources, please send an email to mintchipsupport@mint.ca

    I will forward your query on to them so they can respond.


  •   •   almost 12 years ago

    Virtually every debit card of European banks has some sort of a MintChip on it.
    Typically these chips have multiple uses and can handle the following functions independently on their chip:
    1.) Authentication on ATMs (instead of the old magnetic stripe)
    2.) E-Wallet: Mint-Chip like money functions for charging, storage and anonymous dedution/payment
    3.) Multiple PKI key storages and crypto processors for citizen cards, Digital signatures, Authentication, encryption, …

    for the later two functions there are public APIs and web-applications available for almost any computing and web platform to allow their usage for payment, digital signing, encryption etc.

    These cards can be used with multiple bank accounts of different banks and they are typically free for the customer since they still have the advertisement of the first issuing bank on it.
    … Just search european web-pages and you will find busloads of open source cryptographic software that can be (re)used for MintChips after slight modifications Im sure.


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