•   almost 12 years ago

Merchant Broker API

Will there be a published API to develop broker or merchant based applications?


  •   •   almost 12 years ago

    I doubt this. You will probably have to make a demo application with your own dummy services. Like your own server to handle requests, transactions, signups, etc.... but don't take my word for it!

  •   •   almost 12 years ago

    Err... not only did I misunderstand, I also didn't look into the existing API's... sorry.

    It looks like the entire platform is intended for small payments, but yes, it could be used for merchants I would guess if you wanted to.

  •   •   almost 12 years ago

    Isn't a merchant simply a MintChip user that exclusively accepts MintChips from other users?

    My understanding is that the decentralized nature of the transactions makes no distinction between ordinary consumers and store owners.

  •   •   almost 12 years ago

    i guess i was more looking for "Trusted Broker" setups... i guess that's one thing they will have to closely guard. Basically a gateway to exchange MintChip value for physical currencies.

  •   •   almost 12 years ago

    Looking at the Mint's diagram, it appears that the trusted brokers have the additional responsibility of regulating the monetary supply by distributing newly-minted MintChips.

    From this alone, I think the number of trusted brokers in the system will be a very limited and tightly controlled number.

  •   •   almost 12 years ago

    Thanks for this Links!
    I could not find them so far.

    By just having a glimpse on it, this gives me quite some confidence that most applications available here in Europe will be compatible and just need slight changes to work with Canadian MintChips as well.

    1.) Host applications for shops (network and physical)
    2.) MintChip enabled teller machines (bus-tickets etc.)
    - Mint Chip Pocket-Terminals for money exchange between people. Like taking out money from one wallet and putting it in to another wallet (Mint-Chip holders)


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