•   almost 12 years ago

.NET/Java only?

Is it possible to make a merchant site using a backend other than .NET or Java at this time?

If it isn't possible to make an app in anything other than .NET then I don't foresee MintChip getting wide adoption. Maybe if it were open-sourced, it could have a chance since people could port it.

Did the Mint consult any actual hackers/developers? Most talented developers are using the latest tech like Python, Ruby, and Node.JS.


  •   •   almost 12 years ago

    And you don't consider Java/C# to be the latest tech?

    Remember this contest is for proof of concepts, I imagine that afterwards more technologies will be allowed.

    If not, development languages would be the least of their worries with only windows drivers available for the chip itself.

    Plus, there is always the hosted API.

  •   •   almost 12 years ago

    Is it possible to get the sources for the Merchant and Broker demo sites?

  •   •   almost 12 years ago


    Demo source code would be very helpful!

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