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What does ideas.mintchipchallenge.com have to do with the competition?

hey everybody,

after reading the official rules on the ideas subdomain here:

and the official rules on the main site here:

I'm confused as to where the ideas subdomain fits into the picture. Do we move onto the next round through submitting our 240 character ideas (and getting the most votes to back them up) or by developing our apps and having the judges review it?

do we need to submit our ideas to the ideas section and then begin developing? where does the ideas section fit into the big picture?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

-- bakz A.

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    The "ideas" section is a separate little contest; it has ten prizes of $255 each, based on public votes on ideas of application for MintChip use.

    The larger competition, developing the apps, has separate and larger prizes.

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