•   over 11 years ago

Open-source libMintChip and libSDSCi?

If MintChip is going to truly succeed, it really can't be limited to the Java and .NET platforms, and if there's anything in those libraries that can't be released without compromising the security of the system, it's too deeply flawed to ever work in the first place.

Having the source available for these two libraries would allow me to write native ruby libraries, which is currently all-but-impossible.


  •   •   over 11 years ago

    I'd like to second the ability for us to start writing some mintchip libraries in other languages, or maybe start letting us get organized to champion another language for integration, though your reasons make sense. I think the key to getting MintChip off the ground is to let us right into the inner workings right away to ensure that there is no barrier to entry for programming.

    Really glad that it's not because of some hidden magic.

  •   •   over 11 years ago

    Yeah, I would also like to know more of the core functionality, mainly so that we could develop applications on other platforms such as Mac OS X, Linux, or even Arduino. That would greatly increase the number of possible applications.

  •   •   over 11 years ago

    You can access Java classes from PHP, Python, or Ruby. Just use a wrapper class so you can drop in a native library later on if one becomes available.

  •   •   about 11 years ago

    And how to access Java classes (MintChip related) from an platform who NOT have a driver to access MintChip? Are you kidding or what?

    I still really not understand why after so long time (almost one year), MintChip Developers still not released this sources, or at least PLEASE release some driver(s) for Linux and/or OS X.

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