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Hosted Services

I was trying to use the MintChip hosted services and ran into an issue with making my requests and interpreting the response. I was just getting started and testing out a call to Get Chip Info, but have an issue.

The request has to be from the client because of the certificate (correct?). I can't make a generic AJAX request due to cross-domain issues so I use JSONP. But the response is just JSON and so I get an error when parsing the JSON in Chrome (Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token : ). I am assuming this error is being caused by the difference between JSONP and JSON. Can anyone tell me how the requests are expected to be made? Perhaps by placing sample Request and Response headers in the examples?


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    After reading through more of the samples I realize my ultimate question is if it's possible to build a purely browser based solution? As I mentioned above, I am having an issue with making requests to the service with AJAX, even though the response is correct, I can't interpret it because I need it to be JSONP not plain old JSON.

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