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More participants?

I realize the contest was initially restricted to 500, I assume because you only have 500 hardware kits and the cost of sending them out. However, I think you should consider expanding at by using the Remote functionality as a primary method for the rest of those wishing to enter.

I've developed applications for the iOS platforms in the past and was quite interested in entering this when I found out about it, unfortunately I only found out about it today, April 11th.

I really think you should create a virtualized version of the interfaces as required to allow participation by all parties.


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    I agree.

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    if this is initially canadian currency only then lets restrict it to canadian citizens and/or companies. there is lots of canadian talent to fulfill the demand and open up the challenges in other countries when you bring online the currency exchange

    great job on the setup canadian mint web dev team :D


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    Totally agree. Limit to Canadians only! I would wager good money (MintChips even) that more than half of those registrants don't end up submitting anything. That would be a real shame for those of us independent and enthusiastic developers!

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    Definitely agree with everything said here.

    1. Would be great if it weren't limited to only the amount of available hardware kits. I'm an iOS and web developer and would love to be able to work on this challenge through the remote APIs.

    2. This should be limited to Canadians. There is a ton of innovative, canadian talent out there.

    Definitely agree Tom!

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    They cannot change the challenge now I think... adding participants would change the odds of winning, which is probably against some Quebec contest laws at the very least.

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    What about if we wanted to purchase the kits?? Also I agree this should be limited to Canadians if the limit is only 500. I found out about this from Slashdot so I didn't even have a chance to register as part of the 500. Very annoyed.

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    Nope, they can't change it now (and if they could, I doubt they would). It's just very unfortunate our own mint would not desire to look at homegrown talent first. It's no wonder Canadian pride is pretty darn low.

    Anyway, I think I'm getting pretty off topic here. Original post was about opening up the competition to more than 500 participants with the use of the remote APIs. I certainly agree. Participants could build an application that uses the remote APIs without the necessary hardware, and I'd really like to see that become a reality.

    Edit: @Daniel: That's a good idea - I would be willing to buy the kit if it mean't I could create an app for it.

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    Same here... It was too late when I found out about it.

    If the issue is hardware kits, let us use remote APIs.

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    Just charge for the kits, I bet they are $20+ shipping if that.. Seriously lots of people want to build stuff for this but have no chance now

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    Yeah, charging for the kit is a good idea. It would reduce the risk/expense to the Mint (I'm sure they are working on a shoe string budget) ;) and people that are willing to pay to play are much more likely to actually submit something worthwhile for the judges to consider.

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    I just registered a few days ago and was deciding which one of a few ideas to pursue before filling out the details on 'Accept the Challenge.' So much for that!

    Well, if anyone need an extra team member, let me know.

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    Hi All,

    Thanks for the emails and discussion threads relating to the closure of the registration.
    The MintChip challenge has been an incredible success and the response has been phenomenal.

    Unfortunately, we have all 500 spots spoken for and we won’t be expanding the competition.
    We encourage you to participate in the ideas challenge.

    Also, we have noticed some people who have been looking for partners to team up with.
    We encourage you to seek out a registered solver to partner with.

    Thanks for your support.

    Developer Support
    MintChip Challenge Team

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    I agree, you should charge for the kits to ensure people who are entering the contest will really submit a great app/solutions. Otherwise enable people above the 500 to enter using the remote api's...

    I found out too late about the contest. It looks awesome, I would have love to participate...

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    How to find a registered solver to partner with? I can only see followers.

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    I agree!! I am one of the upset Canadian taxpayers who likely subsidized the prizes that will given out to "1 of the first 500" American or Canadian citizens who signed up.

    You have many Canadian developers, including those who are willing to pay money and work for free to develop software that could popularize MintChip technology. Why don't you listen to the people who will one day write MintChip software, if this technology were to succeed?

    The worst thing you can do while marketing MintChip is create a sense of negativity amongst early adopters. By turning back Canadian developers now, you will find yourself fighting an up-hill battle down the road.

    To those who are not part of the "1 in 500" and want to participate in this competition, I ask you to make it known by posting messages to this forum, creating petitions, and doing what it takes for the organizers of this competition to recognize that their unwillingness to adapt to the current situation will lead to anti-MintChip sentiment.

    If you're part of the MintChip Challenge Team, please only respond with a forward looking statement and not a generic response.

    Upset Entrepreneur in Toronto

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