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regarding your recent announcement of limiting registrations

Understood, but considering that the overwhelming majority of the challenges hosted on ChallengePost are restricted to US residents, I was delighted to see your challenge open to Canadian residents as well. As a Canadian taxpayer I want to express my humble opinion that our Mint should accept as many registrants from this country as possible. I have been in the Canadian development business for over 20 years and our developers are among the best in the world and as such we deserve opportunities to compete with the world's best.

William Cheung, Toronto


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    I agree. By the time this was published in the newspapers, the 500 spots were claimed. The likelihood that not all of those 500 registered developers end up submitting projects makes it worse.

    As another Canadian taxpayer who has the will and ability to create something with this technology, I would like my chance. This is an opportunity to make an early contribution into a potential revolution in the way our society works. I'm glad Canada is on the forefront, and I find the 500-person limit to be a very short-sighted limitation on the potential of this contest.

    For what it's worth, a simulated MintChip device could easily be used for a proof of concept for the purposes of a contest entry.

    James Dam, Paris

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    Will the Royal Canadian Mint be making chips available to purchase to developers who are not approved for the contest?

    This project needs an ecosystem if it is to really take off.

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    Hi Folks,

    Thanks for the comments and I am sorry to hear you didn’t get in prior to us closing the registration.
    The MintChip challenge has been an incredible success and the response has been phenomenal.

    Unfortunately, we have all 500 spots spoken for and we won’t be expanding the competition.

    We encourage you to participate in the ideas challenge.

    We encourage you to seek out a registered solver to partner with.

    Thanks for your support.

    Developer Support
    MintChip Challenge Team

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    I agree!! I am one of the upset Canadian taxpayers who likely subsidized the prizes that will given out to "1 of the first 500" American or Canadian citizens who signed up.

    You have many Canadian developers, including those who are willing to pay money and work for free to develop software that could popularize MintChip technology. Why don't you listen to the people who will one day write MintChip software, if this technology were to succeed?

    The worst thing you can do while marketing MintChip is create a sense of negativity amongst early adopters. By turning back Canadian developers now, you will find yourself fighting an up-hill battle down the road.

    To those who are not part of the "1 in 500" and want to participate in this competition, I ask you to make it known by posting messages to this forum, creating petitions, and doing what it takes for the organizers of this competition to recognize that their unwillingness to adapt to the current situation will lead to anti-MintChip sentiment.

    If you're part of the MintChip Challenge Team, please only respond with a forward looking statement and not a generic response.

    Upset Entrepreneur in Toronto

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    "To those who are not part of the "1 in 500" and want to participate in this competition, I ask you to make it known by posting messages to this forum"

    Please don't. Your point has been made (by many others). It's not going to change anything. This is a contest, for a limited number of (already-chosen) competitors. It is a project in R&D phase. It isn't a real product yet...


    Don't clutter these forums with ineffectual complaining. I'm sorry you're sad you can't participate. You've let everyone know.

    (And I can't stand this "I'm a Canadian taxpayer" argument.)

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    Our point has not been made, since they altered the rules that clearly states:

    "Between 10:00.01 a.m. ET on April 4, 2012 and 4:59.59 p.m. ET on July 18, 2012, apply for access to the MintChip Technology by completing the form at MintChipChallenge.com/info/register-to-participate. You will be provided with a software development kit (the “SDK”), two microSD cards (the “MintChips”) and access to two virtual accounts (the “Remote MintChips”). The Competition is limited to 500 approved Solvers."

    Nowhere does it state that it is limited to the first 500 people to sign-up. They should alter their selection process after the stated deadline, not close registerations three months early!

    The point hasn't been made clear since no action has been taken.

    In terms of your "Canadian taxpayer" remark. I notice that you state that you are from Calgary, but I question your citizenship since you have entered the "Apps for Energy" challenge. The MintChip Challenge is the only challenge open to Canadian citizens. The rules for the "Apps for Energy" challenge is like the MintChip challenge in that its funded by a National government. The only difference is that the Canada-financed challenge is open to Americans, while the US-financed challenges (and all of the other challenges on this website) are restricted to Americans. I can't stand the unfair treatment of Canadian participants, especially with the dramatically shortened registration period.

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    I am very dissapointed. I hope the chip and other aspects were better thought out than this fiasco.
    If you give away 2 GB chips to anyone who signs up, you will get 500 immediately. What about developers that want to develop?
    I was impressed when I heard about this, now I am very offended at how my tax dollars are spent. Let Canadians join for a fee now, limit the applications to the first 500 submitted.

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    Many of you are concerned about the registration process and how it seemed to be "first-come, first-served."

    It wasn't.

    In the application, there were questions about your plans for the MintChip, and I believe you had to detail your prior experience. So the selection process was slightly more involved than many of you believe.

    Was the threshold for acceptance low? Perhaps. But it certainly wasn't based on who applied first. If it was, your acceptance e-mail would have arrived immediately after you submitted the application. In fact, it took several days.

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    It was based on who applied first, because those who apply between April 9th and their deadline of 4:59.59 p.m. ET on July 18, 2012 are now excluded.

    If it was based on other criteria, why were other potential entries excluded from consideration?

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    +1 Canadian on the outside looking in.

    Acknowledged, great developers come from all around the world, and if you want the best system/API why put a restriction on location? Likewise, great applications come from more than just the first few hundred submissions, so why put a restriction on that number?

    Limiting one but not the other makes no sense. Either limit the region and be assured at least 500 legitimate Canadians get to partake in their own future, or more sensically, open up the registration to everyone (as in from anywhere and not just the first 500 applicants).

    Over in another thread it seems already quite a few "developers" are losing heart after finding out MintChip is not supported on their platform. Even if the 10 odd posters in that thread were representative of themselves alone then that's already 2% of your limit lost. I imagine not even 60% of accepted applications will produce a legitimate submission and that the majority of "best" submissions that could have been never will simply because they weren't in the first 500.

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    *kicking myself* I saw this on April 4th on HN, and did not apply 'cause I was super busy with other code, and I did not want to reveal too early the solution I have been thinking about for micropayments. The real marketplace is the real challenge... winning a contest might give you a false sense of success; besides if you have a truly disruptive solution well executed, 17K Is pocket change. Kudos to the Canadian Mint for making such an unusual splash, makes me proud to be Canadian: only 500 solvers: bad bad bad; maybe you could offer a software only way to participate, in order to be "canadian-fair"?
    Good luck to all.

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    Anyone still need a partner? I've got a dev kit...

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