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How does one actually COMPLETE a transaction (STEP BY STEP)

I have a question which I am sure will be asked:


Here is what I tried and somewhere along the line i must have messed up i guess cause it wont work:

1. I inserted the mintchip into my laptops SD card slot
2. I downloaded the WINDOWS MINTCHIP SAMPLE (http://developer.mintchipchallenge.com/downloads.php)
3. I unzipped the file and I went to the setup folder and ran the windows program called "MintChipSample.exe"

Upon running the program it successfully shows me the card details and information so I went to the next step which was "HOW DO I COMPLETE A TRANSACTION" and so I did the following:

1. Went to the Merchant Demo Website (http://merchant.mintchipchallenge.com/) and went to the $0.10 transaction to pay with my LOCAL mintchip. This in turn downloaded the file film-request.erq which I had no clue how to use.

SO now I'm stuck on how to complete the $0.10 transaction.


If its this confusing for me to do I can imagine what an end user would be going through...



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    Install the browser plugin and try the merchant demo site that way. Instead of downloading the film-request.erq, the plugin will process it.
    The windows sample app cannot be used to process the film-request.erq, but if you go to the topup site BEFORE installing the plugin, you'll get a different file which you can load manually with the 'Accept Payment' option.

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    Thanks Gary, I figured it out with your tip that led me to the right spot.

    Here are the steps and info for any of the other devs who just got their kits and wish to test their mintchips (These are the windows specific steps):

    1. Once kit arrives, open it up and take out one of the MicroSD cards

    2. On your system (I am assuming you have a card reader. If not use the USB dongle that is a card reader via USB) insert the card into the SD Card slot or USB slot depending on if you are using the MicroSD to SD Converter or the MicroSD to USB Dongle.

    3. When Windows shows you a message to scan/fix (If this comes up) just ignore it, dont fix it unless you want to risk a possible format of the MicroSD in which case you'll have to mail back the Mint Chip again to get them to reset it.

    4. Download the following 2 apps:
    a. Go to downloads page: http://developer.mintchipchallenge.com/downloads.php
    b. Go to windows section and download "Windows MintChip Sample" (It should be a zip file) and unzip it to a folder on your system where you will be doing all your mintchip work
    c. Go down in the downloads list and select "Windows Browser Plugin (For JavaScript API deployments)" and double click the msi file when it downloads. It will install a program.
    d. IN YOUR EMAIL you should have received 2 other MintChips (You get a total of 4 mintchips, 2 for the web (HOSTED) and 2 physical chips) so simply download those from your email and save them into the same working folder you are using for everything. Then in windows double click on one of them and follow the instructions. TAKE NOTE of the passwords from the email they sent you as you will need that to setup each key. Process each key using the wizard and then restart your browser.

    5. After Unzipping the app and installing the hosted keys you have now setup your environment for testing. Begin by running the Windows program which will allow you to track your PHYSICAL MintChips (Run program located at YOURMINTCHIPFOLDER/WindowsMintChipSample/Setup/MintChipSample.exe). You should see your mintchip listed there with $100 loaded into it and a transaction list of debits and credits (500/499). Its 499 due to them LOADING $100 credit on it and you should have 500 debit transactions remaining on your mintchip.

    6. Now lets complete our first sample transaction so you know how the process works. Make sure you have restarted your browser after the above steps before you continue. Go to http://merchant.mintchipchallenge.com/ and go down to the MintChip Developer Challenge video for $0.10.

    7. Select "Pay with Local MintChip" and a popup window should come up showing you the following:

    Pay by your MintChip: YOUR_MINTCHIP_ID

    Please confirm payment of: $0.10

    to: 1210-0000-0000-0004


    8. Hit OK and you will be taken to a website to watch the video. If you now go to your MintChipSample.exe app and check you should see the balance as $99.90.

    CONGRATULATIONS, you have successfully completed your first transaction and have begun using MintChip successfully. Now continue onwards and start working on apps that will integrate the technology :)

    Abhinav Gupta
    Lead Developer and CEO
    Game Scorpion Inc.
    W: http://www.gamescorpion.com

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    Thanks for this. Very helpful in understanding the logic!

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