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MintChip transmission

In the developer resources( http://developer.mintchipchallenge.com/devguide/transactions.html), it is started that the request and I am guessing the value can be send via different ways (see below). I am wondering if the developers need to worry about for example have a bar code generation function or can it be assumed that its going to be part of the future or standard API?

"A MintChip Request can be transmitted in many different ways. For example: a telephone call, a donation sign, a printed QR code or as a special MintChip Request Message."

Thank you

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    I think this contest is being held to help shape the API.

    Once we've all worked with the API for a while, we'll have requests for changes and additions. The Mintchip developers will get some idea of how the API is actually going to be used and they'll be able to respond accordingly.

    But don't expect too much out of that tiny chip. I suspect it will stay focused on its core needs and leave other things (e.g. receipts, bar codes, etc.) to external APIs.

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