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1 in 500

Really this is more of a lotto win then the "best idea" since you have limited your comp to 500 entries. Kinda lame that you would limit something like this so tight. Let me know if you change your mind.... http://codeknow.com thanks !! michael B


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    I agree!! I am one of the upset Canadian taxpayers who likely subsidized the prizes that will given out to "1 of the first 500" American or Canadian citizens who signed up.

    You have many Canadian developers, including those who are willing to pay money and work for free to develop software that could popularize MintChip technology. Why don't you listen to the people who will one day write MintChip software, if this technology were to succeed?

    The worst thing you can do while marketing MintChip is create a sense of negativity amongst early adopters. By turning back Canadian developers now, you will find yourself fighting an up-hill battle down the road.

    To those who are not part of the "1 in 500" and want to participate in this competition, I ask you to make it known by posting messages to this forum, creating petitions, and doing what it takes for the organizers of this competition to recognize that their unwillingness to adapt to the current situation will lead to anti-MintChip sentiment.

    If you're part of the MintChip Challenge Team, please only respond with a forward looking statement and not a generic response.

    Upset Entrepreneur in Toronto

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    Agreed. I wonder how many of the 'first 500' are actually serious about developing a good solution and capable of doing so rather than just somebody who happened to hear about the challenge earlier than the rest of us.

    A better solution would seem to have been to charge a fee for registration -- that would eliminate the people who weren't serious -- and not exclude capable developers from entry after some arbitrary number.

    And if this is the Canadian Mint then why would the competition be open to non-Canadians? Am I missing something?

    As a Canadian app developer with nine app's to my credit I would have liked to have had an opportunity to participate in this. But it seems I will not...

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    If you're angry about subsidizing the prizes, you should be happy they limited entry to 500 developers.

    They had to ship, via courier, 500 sets of chips (2 chips, 2 SD card adapters, 1 USB adapter). The manufacturing and shipping costs probably cost far more than the prizes.

    The best solution would have been not to have a contest at all. Zero cost for that.

    I'm sure your complaining has convinced them that this contest was a bad idea and that they should never repeat it.

    Good for you! Kill this "let the public play with it" nonsense before it gets out of hand! Fun is just another word for wasting money!

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    @terry w . Its about the positioning of the contest and how the logistics leave a lot of room for improvement. Not the prizing or public opening. Thanks for your understanding mB

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    +1 Canadian looking in from the outside.

    Great developers come from around the world, if you want the best system/API why put a restriction on location? Likewise, great applications come from more than just the first few hundred submitted, so why put a restriction on submissions?

    Limiting one but not the other makes no sense.

    Over in another thread it seems already quite a few "developers" are losing heart after finding out MintChip is not supported on their platform. Even if the 10 odd posters in that thread were representative of themselves alone then that's already 2% of your limit lost. I imagine not even 60% of accepted applications will produce a submission, greatly missing out on probably the lion's share of the best submissions they will never see because they weren't in the first 500.

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