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Visa launches V.me digital wallet beta with Buy.com

Good to see some movement in "digital wallets" but I think it's safe to say MintChip technology brings much more to the table than simply relying on NFC payments or hooks into credit cards.



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    I have to agree, the more I play with this api the more versatility and potential implications I'm finding. Despite the real concerns voiced about a raw version application that will hopefully be address in future versions, I see the potential for MintChip to be limitless. The cert signing, distribution and security issues will have to be ironed out and while browsers have supported certs for ever I do think that implementing the browser/device cert installation will take some effort to change the average users mindset.

    Note to MintChip Support: Speed up the hosted servers. In demonstrations I sometimes find that my post to remote.mintchipchallange.com, on occasion, hangs long enough that I start looking for error messages. It could be network latency but it has happened enough on different devices/connections the I'm guessing it could be occasional server load. But when there is no lag time the payment process is quick and seamless and that's pretty impressive to the viewer.

  •   •   almost 12 years ago

    I'm noticing the same lag. Hopefully the MintChip team can address this.

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